Custom Aluminum Fence ornament Garden gate fence

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Update Time 2019-07-31
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Product introduction
This is a piece of aluminum art fence, and it's made of moulded molding。The product has the advantage of being light, one third as heavy as iron, steel and copper, but several times as hard. Second advantage is the hardness of the material, aluminum profile hardness can resist the pull and greater impact. Advantage three is corrosion resistance, aluminum fence accessories surface a layer of dense aluminum oxide "protective film", can prevent further oxidation of aluminum, so aluminum products are not easy to rust. When the surface do spray treatment, better protection performance, whether in the air pollution of the city, or in the sea salt corrosion of the coastal area, can be used at ease, for you to solve the maintenance worries.
The product application
This type of fence decoration is applied to yard gate, fence fence, aluminum art gate, residential villa garden fence, stair balcony fence, swimming pool fence, sea defense fence, glass fence, building fence decoration accessories.
Qingdao zhenganli metal manufacturing co., ltd. can produce and customize fence decorations for you. We have engineers who have been engaged in the industry for 20 years and strictly control the quality of fence decorations to ensure the reliability and durability of the manufacturing process of our fence decorations.
The production overview
The pen decoration adopts the method of pressure casting, and the shape of the spear point is beautiful, so as to achieve the effect of strong, firm and durable.