Qingdao Zheng An Li Metal Manufacturing Co., LTD. provide metal surface treatment options to meet your any function, protection and visual brand requirements.

Metal Finishing Services in Qingdao Zheng An Li Metal Manufacturing Co., LTD.
In all aspects of casting and processing are completed, we will be able to apply all beautiful, functional or protective coating. The various finishing options we offer through our metal casting services include:
Vibratory Deburring:
Our metal surface treatment services include vibration deburring, which effectively removes sharp edges and other defects from the product surface. Deburring also prepares for painting and other metal surface treatments, and optimizes the product's appearance.

Another common die casting finishing process is shot blasting, which can clean or peel off the surface by high-speed projection of steel particles. Shot blasting can make the product have a brighter metal surface.

Sanding, Polishing, and Bright Finish: 
By sanding and polishing, can reach the effect of metal surface smooth and bright.

Wet Spray Paint:
Our metal finishing department can accurately implement the traditional wet spraying process, which is very useful in a variety of industrial applications.

Powder Paint: 
Powder coating is a process of coating adhesion by electrostatic attraction. Compared with solvent coating method, powder coating has the highest efficiency and is more environmentally friendly.

Plating- Chromate, E-Nickel, Cadmium, and Silver Plating: 
Electroplating is the process of depositing metal ions onto a product surface by electrodeposition to improve corrosion resistance and enhance aesthetics.

Electrophoretic Painting:
Electrophoretic painting is a special coating method for the metal surface to deposit uniform and fine film which is not dissolved by water after a period of indirect direct current at the two poles.