Zinc Casting

Zinc Casting

When you choose the most advanced automatic zinc die casting service, complex shapes with thin walls but high strength can be achieved in the same part. Zinc provides significant advantages for the heaviest parts and provides top thermal and electrical conductivity.

Qingdao Zheng An Li Metal Manufacturing Co., LTD.produces various zinc components for many different industries.
What Are the Benefits of Our Zinc Die Casting Services?
Our company has more than 20 years of experience in die casting, is an experienced zinc die casting manufacturer. We attach great importance to the quality control of zinc die casting process. Specific benefits of using zinc alloy die casting include:

Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

Excellent corrosion resistance.

Excellent polishing properties.

Maximum hardness and strength.

Dimensional stability is higher than that of many other metal alloys.

Extend the die life, without the need for constant maintenance.

Zinc die casting can be recycled, which is beneficial to environmental protection.