Aluminum Casting

Aluminum Casting

With the most advanced equipment and 20 years of experience in aluminum casting, we are able to bring your parts and products to life with high quality service. Experience the advantages of our professional aluminum die casting service, providing more customized options, high productivity, low cost, increased strength and corrosion resistance.
Aluminum Die Casting
Qingdao Zheng An Li Metal Manufacturing Co., a professional die-casting enterprise with a history of more than 70 years. In view of our experience in the industry, coupled with our most advanced equipment, our expert manufacturing and quality engineers, and production personnel, together with first-class die-casting services to ensure product quality.

We are a company through the ISO 9001:2015 certification of aluminum die-casting manufacturers, specifically for the world's leading industries and companies to provide aluminum die-casting service. Our equipment almost covers all the die casting project, your company may need to design and development needs.
What Are the Benefits of Aluminum Die Casting Services?
Our aluminum die casting process offers many important benefits, including:

Customization:It facilitates the implementation of complex designs and forms that allow easy customization of castings to specific manufacturing processes.

Higher efficiency:Aluminum alloy die casting is much more efficient than other metal alloys.

Lightweight strength: Aluminum castings provide a combination of lightweight and high strength.

Low cost: Aluminum die casting is usually much cheaper than other metal alloys.

Multifunctional and corrosion resistant: Aluminum castings are very versatile and have excellent corrosion resistance.

As a professional aluminum die casting m manufacturer, Qingdao Zheng An Li Metal Manufacturing Co., LTD. also offers you assembly and testing of all die casting parts.
Our Automated Aluminum Die Casting Plant
Our aluminum die casting plant has the most advanced technology, including 140 to 1000 ton die casting machines. We continue to improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce labor.
Industries We Serve
Qingdao Zheng An Li Metal Manufacturing Co., LTD.for many of today's leading market industrial parts with aluminum die-casting service. We help customers provide products beyond the quality requirements. As an aluminum die casting manufacturer, we serve a wide range of industries including:

Commercial and Industrial Equipment: Aluminum die casting services for radiators, bearing housings and more specific components.

Electric: Aluminum die-casting electrical shell covers everything from the LED module to the electronic device.

Ship Accessories:We are a professional propeller aluminum die casting company, also with the production of other ship parts.

Lighting: LED lighting and other industry of die cast aluminum housing.

Vehicle Parts: We specialize in aluminum die casting of auto parts.

Medical Devices and Products: We provide parts for many of the leading medical equipment manufacturer.

Recreational Vehicles: Aluminum die casting for recreational vehicles and lawn and garden parts.
Why Choose Qingdao Zheng An Li Metal Manufacturing Co., LTD. 
With more than 20 years of experience in aluminum die casting production, we ensure that you have the best design and manufacturing support in the world, and reduce the risk of product quality problems.

We are willing to sign your NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), and thus help  protect your product design.

We can help you shorten the delivery time, improve communication, reduce processing costs, reduce the risk of mold failure and so on.