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What Are the Benefits of Aluminum Die Casting Services?

Our revolutionary aluminum pressure casting processoffers a number of important benefits including:·        Customization:It facilitates the attainment of complex designs and forms, making it easy tocustomize the casting to specific manufacturing processes.·        Higherrates: Aluminum alloy die castings enable parts to be manufactured at a muchhigher rate than other metal alloys. Robotic die cast work cells are also usedto increase production efficiency.·        Lightweightstrength: Aluminum castings offer the highly valued combination of light weightand superior strength.·        Low cost:Aluminum die cast parts are typically less expensive than other metal alloys.·        Versatileand resistant to corrosion: Aluminum castings are extremely versatile and offerexcellent resistance against corrosion.

Increased failure due to "small" loss of "big"

"Small pieces" are not worthy of attention, because "small" loss of "big" leads to increased failureDuring maintenance work, some maintenance personnel often only pay attention to the maintenance of fuel injection pumps, oil pumps, pistons, cylinder liners, piston rings, hydraulic oil pumps, control valves, brakes, steering systems, etc., but neglect the filter, Overflow valves, maintenance of "small pieces" of various types of instruments, they think that these "small pieces" do not affect the work of the machine, even if it is damaged, it does not matter, as long as the mechanical action is easy to use, I do not know, it is these "small pieces" “The lack of maintenance leads to early wear and tear on the machine and shortens the service life.Such as diesel filters used in construction machinery, oil filters, air filters, hydraulic oil filters, water temperature meters, oil temperature gauges, oil pressure gauges, induction plugs, sensors, alarms, glow plugs, oil Liquid filter, water tank cover, fuel tank cap, oil filler cap, grease fitting, air reservoir drain switch, battery box, fuel injector oil return joint, split pin, fan air hood, drive shaft bolt lock, etc. “Small pieces” are essential for the normal operation and maintenance of construction machinery, and are essential for extending the service life of the machine. In the case of maintenance work, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it will often “because of small loss”, resulting in engineering machinery failure. happened.

Decontamination and cleaning of parts are not complete, premature damage and corrosion often occur.

When repairing construction machinery, it is important to properly remove the oil stains and impurities on the surface of the parts to improve the repair quality and extend the service life of the machine. Due to the inattention to the cleaning of parts, the unreasonable selection of cleaning agents, improper cleaning methods, etc., the early wear and corrosion of parts are caused by some repair units.If the cylinder liner step, the carbon deposit in the piston ring groove, the debris in the bolt hole, and the sand in the hydraulic component are not completely removed, the bolt torque is insufficient, the piston ring is easy to break, the cylinder head is ablated, and the hydraulic components are worn early.When overhauling the construction machinery, do not pay attention to remove the oil or impurities accumulated in the diesel filter, oil filter, hydraulic oil filter, diesel water jacket, radiator surface, lubricating oil passage, etc., so that the maintenance work is not thorough. Reduce the trouble-free running time of construction machinery.When the repairman cleans the parts,First, you must use the cleaning agent correctly. For the cleaning of various parts, different cleaning agents should be selected according to their different requirements for cleanliness;Second, it is necessary to prevent corrosion and rust of components. In order to ensure the quality of the parts, the parts should be protected from corrosion and rust, especially for precision parts.Therefore, when cleaning, it is not possible to clean aluminum alloy parts (such as aluminum alloy cylinder heads) with alkaline cleaning agents (especially strong alkali cleaning agents), and it is not possible to clean copper parts with strong acid cleaning agents (such as thermostats). Main valve) to minimize corrosion of the machine;Third, different parts should be classified and cleaned. Aluminum alloy parts and copper parts should not be cleaned in alkaline or acidic cleaning agents. Rubber parts should not be cleaned together with other steel parts in steam, diesel and acid and alkaline cleaners.

The maintenance method is not formal,,the palliative is not a cure

When repairing construction machinery, some maintenance personnel do not take correct maintenance methods, and believe that emergency measures are omnipotent. There are still many phenomena of “emergency” generation of “maintenance” and “treatment of the symptoms without treatment”.As often encountered in the "repair by welding", is an example, some parts can be repaired, but some maintenance personnel to save trouble, but often use the "weld death" method. After the hydraulic cylinder earrings and the piston rod connecting rod of the cylinder are damaged, the direct welding method is adopted, so that the oil seal of the cylinder cannot be replaced after being damaged, and the oil leakage is serious;When it is found that the working device is slow or difficult to turn, do not check the cause of the fault, blindly increase the working pressure of the system, resulting in high system pressure, easy to damage the oil seal, pipeline, hydraulic components, etc.; in order to make the diesel engine "powerful", artificially adjusted The fuel supply of the large fuel injection pump and the fuel injection pressure of the injector are increased.These irregular maintenance methods can only be used for emergency, but they cannot be used for a long time. The cause of the failure must be fundamentally detected. Regular maintenance methods should be used to eliminate the fault and should be brought to the attention of maintenance personnel.

Do not check the quality of new parts, the problem of failure after assembly

Before replacing the parts, some maintenance personnel do not perform technical inspections on the new parts and directly install them on the construction machinery. This is unscientific. At present, the quality of spare parts sold on the market is uneven, and some counterfeit and shoddy parts are mixed with beads; some accessories have changed performance due to excessive inventory time. If they are not tested, they often cause failure after assembly.Be sure to carry out the necessary inspections and tests before replacing the new parts. The tests include appearance and performance tests to ensure that the new parts are not faulty and prevent unnecessary troubles.

Blind replacement parts

It is relatively difficult to judge and eliminate the failure of construction machinery. Some maintenance personnel have always adopted the method of replacement test. Regardless of the large and small parts, as long as it is considered that the parts that may cause the failure, the test is replaced one by one, the result is not eliminated, and Replace the parts that should not be replaced at will, increasing the cost of consumers.There are also some faulty parts that can be repaired to restore their technical performance. They can be repaired without complicated repair process. However, the maintenance personnel require the user to replace the new parts and use the “replacement repair” method to cause serious waste.The above-mentioned blind replacement test and the practice of replacing the repairable parts are still present to varying degrees in some repairing units. During maintenance, the cause and location of the fault should be carefully analyzed and judged according to the fault phenomenon. The repaired parts should be repaired to restore technical performance and eliminate the blind replacement of parts.

Can't correctly judge the analysis failure, blindly dismantle and unload.

Some maintenance personnel are unclear about the structure and principle of the construction machinery, do not carefully analyze the cause of the failure, can not accurately determine the fault location, blindly dismantle the mechanical unloading with the idea of "probably, almost", the result is not only the original fault is not ruled out, and Due to poor maintenance skills and craftsmanship, new problems have arisen.Therefore, when the machine fails, it must be tested by the testing equipment. If there is no testing equipment, it can be determined by the traditional fault judgment methods and means such as “question, see, check, test”, combined with the structure and working principle of the construction machinery. The most likely area of failure.When judging the failure of construction machinery, the "exclusion method" and "comparative method" are generally used, and the order is from simple to complex, and the internal and the first assembly are re-assembled in the order of the first and the first assembly, and it is forbidden to "disregard the indiscriminate, blindly dismantling and unloading."