Decontamination and cleaning of parts are not complete, premature damage and corrosion often occur.
When repairing construction machinery, it is important to properly remove the oil stains and impurities on the surface of the parts to improve the repair quality and extend the service life of the machine. Due to the inattention to the cleaning of parts, the unreasonable selection of cleaning agents, improper cleaning methods, etc., the early wear and corrosion of parts are caused by some repair units.

If the cylinder liner step, the carbon deposit in the piston ring groove, the debris in the bolt hole, and the sand in the hydraulic component are not completely removed, the bolt torque is insufficient, the piston ring is easy to break, the cylinder head is ablated, and the hydraulic components are worn early.

When overhauling the construction machinery, do not pay attention to remove the oil or impurities accumulated in the diesel filter, oil filter, hydraulic oil filter, diesel water jacket, radiator surface, lubricating oil passage, etc., so that the maintenance work is not thorough. Reduce the trouble-free running time of construction machinery.

When the repairman cleans the parts,

First, you must use the cleaning agent correctly. For the cleaning of various parts, different cleaning agents should be selected according to their different requirements for cleanliness;

Second, it is necessary to prevent corrosion and rust of components. In order to ensure the quality of the parts, the parts should be protected from corrosion and rust, especially for precision parts.

Therefore, when cleaning, it is not possible to clean aluminum alloy parts (such as aluminum alloy cylinder heads) with alkaline cleaning agents (especially strong alkali cleaning agents), and it is not possible to clean copper parts with strong acid cleaning agents (such as thermostats). Main valve) to minimize corrosion of the machine;

Third, different parts should be classified and cleaned. Aluminum alloy parts and copper parts should not be cleaned in alkaline or acidic cleaning agents. Rubber parts should not be cleaned together with other steel parts in steam, diesel and acid and alkaline cleaners.

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