The maintenance method is not formal,,the palliative is not a cure
When repairing construction machinery, some maintenance personnel do not take correct maintenance methods, and believe that emergency measures are omnipotent. There are still many phenomena of “emergency” generation of “maintenance” and “treatment of the symptoms without treatment”.

As often encountered in the "repair by welding", is an example, some parts can be repaired, but some maintenance personnel to save trouble, but often use the "weld death" method. After the hydraulic cylinder earrings and the piston rod connecting rod of the cylinder are damaged, the direct welding method is adopted, so that the oil seal of the cylinder cannot be replaced after being damaged, and the oil leakage is serious;

When it is found that the working device is slow or difficult to turn, do not check the cause of the fault, blindly increase the working pressure of the system, resulting in high system pressure, easy to damage the oil seal, pipeline, hydraulic components, etc.; in order to make the diesel engine "powerful", artificially adjusted The fuel supply of the large fuel injection pump and the fuel injection pressure of the injector are increased.

These irregular maintenance methods can only be used for emergency, but they cannot be used for a long time. The cause of the failure must be fundamentally detected. Regular maintenance methods should be used to eliminate the fault and should be brought to the attention of maintenance personnel.

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