Blind replacement parts
It is relatively difficult to judge and eliminate the failure of construction machinery. Some maintenance personnel have always adopted the method of replacement test. Regardless of the large and small parts, as long as it is considered that the parts that may cause the failure, the test is replaced one by one, the result is not eliminated, and Replace the parts that should not be replaced at will, increasing the cost of consumers.

There are also some faulty parts that can be repaired to restore their technical performance. They can be repaired without complicated repair process. However, the maintenance personnel require the user to replace the new parts and use the “replacement repair” method to cause serious waste.

The above-mentioned blind replacement test and the practice of replacing the repairable parts are still present to varying degrees in some repairing units. During maintenance, the cause and location of the fault should be carefully analyzed and judged according to the fault phenomenon. The repaired parts should be repaired to restore technical performance and eliminate the blind replacement of parts.

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