Can't correctly judge the analysis failure, blindly dismantle and unload.
Some maintenance personnel are unclear about the structure and principle of the construction machinery, do not carefully analyze the cause of the failure, can not accurately determine the fault location, blindly dismantle the mechanical unloading with the idea of "probably, almost", the result is not only the original fault is not ruled out, and Due to poor maintenance skills and craftsmanship, new problems have arisen.

Therefore, when the machine fails, it must be tested by the testing equipment. If there is no testing equipment, it can be determined by the traditional fault judgment methods and means such as “question, see, check, test”, combined with the structure and working principle of the construction machinery. The most likely area of failure.

When judging the failure of construction machinery, the "exclusion method" and "comparative method" are generally used, and the order is from simple to complex, and the internal and the first assembly are re-assembled in the order of the first and the first assembly, and it is forbidden to "disregard the indiscriminate, blindly dismantling and unloading." 

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